Wide Range of Industrial Floor Scrubber Dryer Machines for Hire, Lease or Purchase.

At Beta Solutions we specialise in supplying the more robust and heavy duty floor scrubber machines that are required to with-stand the daily operations of industrial factory and warehouse sites. Our range of walk behind and ride on scrubber dryer machinery is available for hire or purchase outright anywhere in the UK. Click on "Quick Quote" above to get an emailed quotation. 

Alternatively if you are not sure what you need then "Contact Us" and one of our expert staff can talk you through some options or email you with some advice. We also offer "Free" site surveys anywhere in the UK and "Free" demonstrations of our floor scrubber dryer machines anywhere in the UK.

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Scrubber Dryer Range

We are the official UK dealership and service provider for a number of world leading scrubber dryer brands. Beta Solutions scrubber dryer machinery is ideal for small to large industrial floor cleaning applications. Most of the machines are heavy duty in build quality so they are ideal for warehouse, engineering, manufacturing and food production environments.


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How to select the correct scrubber dryer machine.

There are quite a few different types of scrubber dryer machine on the market, at Beta Solutions we stock mainly industrial grade machinery. There are a few variations and selecting the right machine and specification for your particular type of floor is important. If you get it wrong you could end up wasting money or even worse damaging the flooring surface. To help give you some guidance if you have no experience with this type of machinery we have listed below the main types of machinery that are available in todays market:

  • Compact cable machines – small and easy to store and make short work of hard to reach welfare floor areas.
  • Cable, Battery, LPG and Diesel powered scrubber dryers – giving added flexibility and choice of power source.
  • Cylindrical brush scrub decks - enhanced scrubbing power with cylinder brushes that provide a pre-sweep function.
  • Combo machines – sweep, scrub and dry all in one single pass, ideal for increased efficiency in cleaning large areas.
  • Ride-on scrubber dryer machinery – Perfect for making short work of very large floor areas on large sites.
  • Heavy duty with tough build quality – Most of our machinery is built to industrial standards, to withstand heavy duty use.

If you need further assistance and support for selecting the best scrubber dryer machine for your floor then we recommend contacting us by telephone or webform and one of our team of floor cleaning machine experts will be happy to assist and help you select the perfect machine for your floors.


Scrubber Dryer Enquiries

See our product listings for our range of scrubber dryers, if you don’t see the product you need or if you would like help making a selection, or if you wish to receive a copy of our full product catalogue, including all our floor scrubbers and other cleaning machines, then please contact us and one of our experienced team will be happy to help and advise you.

For Help and Advice Call 01282 416139
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