Untrained Operators Cost You Money!

We provide one of the only courses in the UK for our brands which tests your industrial cleaning machine operatives with both a theory exam and a practical exam. If they pass, they receive a certificate and you receive peace of mind from both a Health & Safety and a cost point of view.

Operators who are untrained have a tendency to inadvertently cause machinery malfunctions, through lack of daily maintenance and know-how. This inexperience can in some cases prove very costly, with needless call outs and repairs caused by damage, misuse and neglect.

With proper training from Beta Solutions Ltd, your operators will have in-depth experience on how to use and operate the machinery. They will also receive training on basic troubleshooting. This will mean that instead of calling out an engineer, your operator can in many cases resolve issues onsite. 

Our PCMSO (Powered Cleaning Machine Safe Operator) course and qualification is only available through Beta Solutions Ltd and is only available for the brands that we supply.

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