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4 Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Perfect For Food and Drink Manufacturers

industrial floor cleaning machines

Within the food and drink industry, industrial floor cleaning is imperative. When deep cleaning warehouses, people often forget the floor – which is a cardinal sin for food and drink manufacturers. By doing so, not only are you heightening the risk of your everyday operational hazards but you’re also running the risk of contaminating and ruining goods. 

So, you’re going to need an industrial floor cleaning machine. They’re heavy-duty, robust and get the job done right, every time. From operational dirt and dust to debris and spillages, they pick up whatever is in front of them with ease and produce groundbreaking results.

To achieve the best results, you need to choose a machine that’s perfect for your business. After all, each site and premises are different, so you’re going to need a machine that can meet your unique needs and requirements. In this post, we’ll outline four industrial floor cleaners that are perfect for food and drink manufacturers.


We’ll cover: 


Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer: Factory Cat Micro HD25C

Food and drink manufacturing warehouses can become very messy, very quickly. Depending on the size of the site, there’s general traffic dirt, operational debris, spillages and even vehicle oil leaks that can muck up the floors. So, you need a machine that’s going to glide through the thickest of dirt without any issues. 

A walk-behind scrubber dryer is a fantastic option for sites of all sizes. They clean, scrub and dry all in one motion which helps speed up the cleaning process, reducing any unnecessary downtime and keeping your workforce as safe as possible at all times. The last thing any business wants is for their workforce to get injured – and it’s the company’s fault too. 

Walk-behind scrubber dryers are the perfect option for pushing around the warehouse floor and keeping on top of things after a long day of operations. So, say goodbye to the old faithful mop and bucket, and invest in a machine that’s going to streamline your process and benefit your business in a variety of ways. 

The Factory Cat Micro HD25C is one of our bestsellers for a reason. It’s one of the most powerful walk-behind scrubbers dryers on the market, which gives you total peace of mind that you’d be investing in a machine that’s tough enough to eradicate the thickest of grime and toughest of stains. 


industrial floor cleaners factory cat micro hd

Image Credit: Factory Cat


It’s main features are: 

  • Tank Material: Poly 5/16” (8 mm).
  • Chassis Construction: 3/16” Steel (5 mm) Powder Coated Steel.
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 8” × 2” ([2×] 20 × 5 cm) Solid Black.
  • Rear Casters (Diameter × Width): (2×) 2.5” × 1.38” ([2×] 6 × 4 cm) Non-Marking Grey.
  • Size (L × W × H): 114 × 53 × 99 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 278 – 328 lbs (126 – 149 Kg).
  • Weight (w/ 130 ah Batteries): 410 – 460 lbs (186 – 209 Kg).
  • Tank Capacity: 38 Litres.
  • Cleaning Width: 25” – Cylindrical (64 cm).


Ride-On Scrubber Dryer: Factory Cat XR40C

Ride-on scrubber dryers are the perfect piece of equipment for larger sites within the industry. Industrial floor cleaning is often seen as a tedious and laborious task, however, with one of these machines, it doesn’t have to be. You can be confident that you’ll be speeding up your processes and widely improving productivity throughout the business. 

It’s not uncommon for food and drink manufacturers to work around the clock – especially larger ones. So, they have to be tactful with their cleaning processes. Any piece of equipment that they can introduce to their regime to speed things up and allow more operational time, is going to be a big hit with businesses.

The more operational time businesses are allowed, the more deadlines become slightly less straining, giving them more capacity to welcome new customers and clients. And more custom means more revenue and increased profitability. The knock-on effect that introducing an industrial floor cleaning machine has throughout your wider business is immense. 

The Factory Cat XR40C is an industrial floor cleaning machine built for purpose. In fact, rather than words, we’ll let our demo video below do the talking: 



It’s main features are:

  • Tank Material: Poly 3/8” (.9525 cm).
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 12” × 4”.
  • Rear Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 14” × 5”.
  • Size (L × W × H): 175 × 91 × 142 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 1230 lbs (558 Kg).
  • Weight (with 325ah Batteries): 1950 lbs (885 Kg).
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 6 hours.
  • Cleaning Width: 40″..
  • Brush Speed: 750 RPM.
  • Speed Control: 0-320 ft.


Walk-Behind Floor Sweeper: Factory Cat Heavy Duty 34

Walk-behind floor sweepers are the perfect machinery for pushing around your site between shifts or at the close of proceedings. They’re ideal for getting into those intricate and tricky to clean places that you’d easily miss or struggle with when using inadequate machinery. You can be certain that your floor will be squeaky clean with the addition of one of these industrial floor cleaning machines. 

Even the smallest bit of debris can pose a large threat to your workforce, so you need to invest in a machine that you can be confident will not miss a thing. After all, your workforce will be far more productive should they have the peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to minimise the everyday warehouse hazards. 

No one deserves to go to work and be constantly worried about hurting themselves. Plus, if they are, you’ll find that productivity isn’t at the level you desire and it’ll have a ripple effect on the performance of your business. For example, tight delivery windows could be frequently missed or delayed which will then leave you playing catch up for the rest of the day, week or month. 

The Factory Cat Heavy Duty 34 is the machine that the brand was built on – literally. It encompasses everything that Factory Cat stood for when launching and still does to this day. It’s robust, powerful and will sweep anything that’s in its way. Leaving the perfect working conditions for you and your team to feel incredibly safe. 


factory cat heavy duty 34 industrial floor cleaners

Image Credit: Factory Cat


It’s main features are:

  • Tank Material: Steel 1/8” (.3175 cm).
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 6” × 2” Caster.
  • Rear Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 10” × 1.75”.
  • Size (L × W × H): 147 × 79 × 96 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 320 lbs (145 Kg).
  • Weight (with 245ah Batteries): 450 lbs (204 Kg).
  • Battery Run Time: 3 to 5 hours.
  • Cleaning Width: 34”.
  • Sweeping Method: Direct Throw.
  • Broom Power: 400 RPM.
  • Side Broom Speed: 65 RPM.
  • Speed Control: 0-3 MPH.

Ride-On Floor Sweepers: Heavy Duty Factory Cat TR

Food and drink manufacturers need to be on top of dust in their warehouses. Not only is it a risk to their team members’ overall health but it’s a contaminant threat to all their products too. Contamination is one of the biggest problems that the food and drink industry face and can cause businesses a lot of wasted time and money. 

Once goods are contaminated, you must throw them away. They’re then damaged and aren’t fit for human consumption. Should your business be supplying contaminated goods, it can lead to a whole world of consequences. If somebody ate a contaminated product, it can lead to serious illness – which may force you to pay out compensation and leave your reputation in tatters.

That’s why it’s crucial that your cleaning regime is as rigorous as possible. You can’t afford to cut corners, as what may seem a short-term quick win, may lead to your business collapsing to its knees. By investing in a ride-on floor sweeper, you can rest assured that the threat of contamination is low and that your products are always fresh.

For warehouses that need a regular, comprehensive deep clean, the Heavy Duty Factory Cat TR is the machine for you. The clue is in the name – it’s robust and powerful and will ensure that nothing gets missed. It’s easy to see why it’s a firm favourite within the food and drink manufacturing industry. 


heavy duty industrial floor cleaners factory cat

Image Credit: Factory Cat


It’s main features are:

  • Tank Material: Steel 3/16” (.47625 cm).
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 10” × 3” HD 12”.
  • Rear Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 14” × 5.”
  • Size (L × W × H): 163 × 94 × 140 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 850 lbs (385 Kg).
  • Weight (with 245ah Batteries): 1140 lbs (517 Kg).
  • Battery Run Time: 3 to 7 hours.
  • Cleaning Width: 46”.
  • Sweeping Method: Direct Throw.
  • Broom Power: 435 RPM.
  • Side Broom Speed: 100 RPM.
  • Speed Control: 0-4 MPH.


Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Are a Must-Have For Your Business

So, as you’ve just read, industrial floor cleaning machines can alleviate many issues for food and drink manufacturers. However, you must choose the right machine. If you choose an inadequate machine, you’ll fail to achieve the results you desire. Plus, you’ll be left having to fork out for another piece of equipment on top of your original investment. 

We understand that it can be hard when looking for the right machine, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. So, that’s where we come in. At Beta Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect industrial cleaning solution for their individual needs and requirements. 

So, to help you, we’ve outlined further detail about the products mentioned above. Download our free guide today and take the first step to choosing the industrial cleaning machine that’s perfect for your company.