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Dulevo 1300DL Diesel

Sweep Width Main Broom only 900mm Sweep Width with Right Hand Side Broom 1250mm Medium 2080mm x 1210mm x 1455mm Hopper Capacity 340L Diesel Industrial


Suction system made up of:
Hydraulic suction turbine
Cotton – polyester filtering system
Electrical filter shaker
- Waste hopper volume 340 Lt.
- Hydraulic dumping up to 1350 mm
- Electrical hour counter
- Reverse-drive buzzer and stroboscopic beacon
- Superelastic tyres
- Sweeping system made up of:
Central cylindrical brush PPL (sweeping width 900 mm)
Right side brush PPL (sweeping width 1250 mm)
High Dump Industrial Line
SWEEPER MODEL 1300 DL (diesel version)
Main technical characteristics and standard equipment
- Hydraulic traction with variable pump and hydraulic motor placed on the rear wheel
- Side brush and main brush anti-distortion system
- Use & Maintenance Manual
- Dimension (L x W x H): 2080 x 1210 x 1455 mm
- Weight: 740 Kg

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