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Nilfisk MH 2C


Innovative compact hot water unit with unique vertical design, high performance and great reliability. The MH 2C is ideal for everyday, low frequency cleaning tasks in the automotive segment, for tradesmen or around small farms.

MH 2C combines an innovative highly mobile design with great performance levels and ground breaking features from the larger MH lines.
MH 2C ensures low cost of cleaning with reduced running costs, low storage requirements due to the compact design, and yet a high level of reliability thanks to the many safety functions and professional materials used. It is an unbeatable addition to the hot water range.

The vertical design of the MH 2C reduces machine footprint considerably, making storage and transport less problematic. The unit will fit easily into the corner of a workshop, a commercial vehicle or can even be hung up on the wall, well out of harm's way.

The EcoPower boiler offers unmatched efficiency and reduced fuel consumption for a green and cost effective way to clean.

  • EcoPower boiler with >92% efficiency and reduced fuel cost
  • Robust steel frame
  • Compact, vertical design reducing storage footprint
  • Easy to use control panel... all controls in one place
  • Ergo accessory system
  • Machine protection against through low fuel safety, exhaust gas sensor, flame sensor.
  • Duo Motor system
  • High pressure detergent with removable detergent tank
  • Max. inlet temperature 40°C

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