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Ride On Scrubber Dryer | SC8000

The SC8000 provides the most productive, the most powerful, and the greenest machine solution for scrubbing clean and wet sweeping of large factory and warehouse floor areas. With it's new design and cutting-edge technology, it is able to perform large floor area cleaning tasks in a single pass, with a more resource conscious approach - which saves huge amounts of time and therefore saves on costs.

The productivity and cleaning efficiency of the SC8000 is optimised through cleaning the floor area in a single pass, by using its huge scrub deck, which is the widest scrub deck on the market in this machine's class.

The power and reliability of this machine have also been increased to new heights, thanks to the addition of the quality Kubota 1.6L LP engine. Add to this power and size the green features of it's cleaning capabilities, which include accurate one-touch solution control using the on board Ecoflex system - and you have the perfect big, green cleaning machine for the largest of sites.


  • The widest counter-rotating dual cylindrical scrub deck in its class, increasing the efficiency of the machine which is especially valuable to large sites with wide open spaces
  • Huge time saving potential with high capacity tanks of 380 litres, enabling the operator to clean more than 9200 m² without the need to go and empty the recovery tanks and refill the clean solution tanks
  • Safe and incredibly easy operation with user friendly, one touch operator control panel, a front steering system and a clear view design - providing an excellent view of the floor from the operator's seating position
  • Environmentally friendly for both operator and surroundings when you consider its size and power. It also has a dust guard feature, which is a misting system that improves the dust free cleaning of the machine, preventing dust from being kicked up into the atmosphere and becoming airborne during cleaning
  • The Kubota powered engine means superior track record when it comes to reliability and it also means a gear driven valve train. This clever design means you achieve reduced maintenance costs as there is no downtime from repair of belts or chains on the engine
  • The machine also has a cost effective, eco-cleaning mode for the regular maintenance cleaning of your large area floors

Technical Specifications:

Power source

Motor type

Max speed (km/h)

Airflow (l/sec)

Vacuum (kPa)

Sound pressure level at 1.5 m (dB(A) ISO 3744)

Productivity rate theoretical/ actual (m²/h)

Sweeping width (mm)

Scrubbing width (mm)

Min. turn-around aisle width (cm)

Max climbing rate (%)

Max working climbing rate (%)

Water flow (l/m)

Fuel tank (l)

Solution/recovery tank (l)

Hopper volume (l)

Squeegee width (mm)

Brush/pad diameter (mm)

Brush pressure (kg)

Brush speed (rpm)

Brushes/pads qty.

Side broom diameter (mm)

Right scrub brush pressure (kg)

Right scrub brush speed (RPM)

Right scrub brush size (mm)

Length x width x height (cm)

Weight (kg)

Gross weight (gvw) (kg)


4 CYL., 55 Hp, 1.6L

















55 /110 /180


2 cyl.









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