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Nilfisk SR1601 GAS

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Sweep Width Main Broom only 900mm Sweep Width with Right Hand Side Broom 1250mm Medium 2220mm x 1320mm x 1460mm Hopper Capacity 315L Battery 48V Industrial

 The Nilfisk SR1601 is a large ride on sweeper available in battery, LGP or diesel options. Dust control is of a high standard thanks to the DustGuardTM system. Less dust means less cleaning elsewhere.

  • Excellent sweeper manoeuvrability thanks to the power steering (STD)
  • Nilfisk DustGuard™ system completely controls airborne dust to reduce cleaning time
  • Free floating main broom and fine tuning knob adjustment increases productivity and performance
  • MaxAccess™ system provides fast and easy access for servicing
  • The strong yet lightweight rotomoulded polyethylene covers and bumpers over a steel chassis provide automobile industry quality protection
  • NoTools™ system speeds up main broom and side broom changing, cutting down on service time

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