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4 Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Perfect For Your Business

food distribution centre

Whilst industrial floor cleaners are used to solely keep your business workplace clean and safe, they actually provide a lot of different benefits too. From productivity improvement to streamlining your business efficiency, they’re a lot more than just tough-wearing pieces of equipment. 

We’re not saying that if you introduce industrial floor cleaners into your business processes it’ll solve all your problems and issues – but they’re business-critical equipment that can help reduce downtime cost dramatically. In turn, this should have a knock-on effect throughout your operations and you should see dramatic improvements in performance. 

You must find the right machine for your business environment. If not, you’ll be left with a machine that’s not cut out for the job at hand, which may leave the business needing to spend more to correct your mistake. So, to save you going to your superior with your tail between your legs and asking for more money, we’ve outlined four industrial floor cleaners and their relevant industrial settings. 


We’ll cover: 


Food and Drink Distribution Centres

In food and drink distribution centres, the floor must be spotless. After all, the products need to be looked after carefully so that they’re stored in good health and delivered in consumable condition. Leaving dirt and debris on the floor is a big no, no! 

This leaves the stored products wide open to contamination. Once food and drink items are contaminated, they are completely spoiled and no longer fit for consumption. That means they’ll then have to be disposed of and the business will lose money that they’ve spent on purchasing the stock. Not only is this a waste of money but the time taken to throw it away too. 

Food and drink distribution centres can become dirty pretty easily. Operational dust and debris can build up quickly and the odd human error that leads to a spillage will only add to the mess. These can heighten the chances of accidents in the workplace and team members may start to feel uneasy when working. Using an industrial floor cleaner to regularly deep clean your workplace is an easy way to give total peace of mind for everybody involved. 

We recommend: 

Factory Cat Micro HD25C 


industrial floor cleaners factory cat micro hd

Image Credit: Factory Cat

This walk-behind scrubber dryer is one of our best-sellers – and it’s easy to see why! It’s robust and high-performance and is proven to glide through the thickest of dirt in its way. This machine is perfect to regularly run around the distribution centre after a busy day’s work. 

Some of the main features of this machine are: 

  • Tank Material: Poly 5/16” (8 mm).
  • Chassis Construction: 3/16” Steel (5 mm) Powder Coated Steel.
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 8” × 2” ([2×] 20 × 5 cm) Solid Black.
  • Rear Casters (Diameter × Width): (2×) 2.5” × 1.38” ([2×] 6 × 4 cm) Non-Marking Grey.
  • Size (L × W × H): 114 × 53 × 99 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 278 – 328 lbs (126 – 149 Kg).
  • Weight (w/ 130 ah Batteries): 410 – 460 lbs (186 – 209 Kg).
  • Tank Capacity: 38 Litres.
  • Cleaning Width: 25” – Cylindrical (64 cm).


Large Logistics Distribution Centres

Large logistics distribution centres are busy environments. Depending on what industry you work in, you can be dealing with a wide variety of products daily – which can be tricky to manage without any extra issues added. For example, large supermarkets or retail stores will see products from electrical goods to fresh fruit and vegetables pass through their centres. 

Due to such a large variety of stock, deliveries and shipments will be regular throughout the day. So that they can all be processed on time, there needs to be strict deadlines to be adhered to. So, if you experience any issues through avoidable means, like the floor being dirty and causing an accident, you’re likely to delay or miss delivery windows. 

Having to delay one delivery will have a knock-on effect on your daily operations. Everything will then be running behind schedule and you’ll have some serious catching up to do. That’s only if the delivery can afford to wait around – you may actually miss the delivery and be left without the products and forced to rebook another time. 

Cleaning large distribution centres is often thought of as being laborious and tedious – but it doesn’t have to be. Factory Cat ride-on scrubber dryers and floor sweepers ensure that the site is cleaned to a high standard in the quickest time possible. That way, you’re ready for the day ahead and can avoid any unwanted, avoidable downtime. 

We recommend: 

Ride-On Scrubber Dryer Factory Cat XR40C


factory cat ride on scrubber dryer industrial floor cleaners

Image Credit: Factory Cat

The perfect machine to thoroughly clean your distribution centre. This heavy-duty option is perfect for the toughest jobs at hand. If your centre hasn’t been deep cleaned in a while and you’re looking for groundbreaking results, this is the optimum choice. 

Some of the main features of this machine are: 

  • Tank Material: Poly 3/8” (.9525 cm).
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 12” × 4”.
  • Rear Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 14” × 5”.
  • Size (L × W × H): 175 × 91 × 142 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 1230 lbs (558 Kg).
  • Weight (with 325ah Batteries): 1950 lbs (885 Kg).
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 6 hours.
  • Cleaning Width: 40″..
  • Brush Speed: 750 RPM.
  • Speed Control: 0-320 ft.


If you’re looking for a machine that’s perfect to use at the end of a day’s operations or between shifts, you won’t need such a deep clean. So, we recommend:

Ride-On Floor Sweeper Heavy Duty Factory Cat TR


heavy duty industrial floor cleaners factory cat

Image Credit: Factory Cat

Some of the main features of this machine are:

  • Tank Material: Steel 3/16” (.47625 cm).
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 10” × 3” HD 12”.
  • Rear Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 14” × 5.”
  • Size (L × W × H): 163 × 94 × 140 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 850 lbs (385 Kg).
  • Weight (with 245ah Batteries): 1140 lbs (517 Kg).
  • Battery Run Time: 3 to 7 hours.
  • Cleaning Width: 46”.
  • Sweeping Method: Direct Throw.
  • Broom Power: 435 RPM.
  • Side Broom Speed: 100 RPM.
  • Speed Control: 0-4 MPH.


Small Chilled Storage Centres

Similar to food and drink distribution centres, the cleanliness of chilled storage areas needs a lot of TLC. While we don’t want to risk the dangers of contamination, keeping team members as safe as possible should be an even higher priority. 

Think about it, they’re already working on a site that’s colder than your average working environment. So, the last thing they want to be worried about is possibly falling over, tripping up and hurting themselves. Nobody should have to go to work and worry about injuring themselves throughout the day. 

Should an accident happen in the workplace, then depending on the severity of the incident, your output levels are going to be restricted. That’s one less team member that’s able to pick and pack their orders and you’re likely to miss deadlines if you don’t have the excess staff to pick up the slack. 

This will likely delay proceedings for your client too, who we imagine won’t be too happy about the news. Depending on how long they’re delayed for or whether this repeatedly happens, they could decide to take their business elsewhere which will hit your revenue and overall profitability. 

Giving your chilled storage centre a thorough sweeping at any available opportunity is best practice. Of course, accidents can happen out of nowhere and may be unavoidable, but if your team members fall from not keeping on top of their cleaning routine, then it’s poor from your business. 

We recommend: 

Factory Cat Heavy Duty 34


factory cat heavy duty 34 industrial floor cleaners

Image Credit: Factory Cat

This floor sweeper is designed to remove all potential risks lying around on the floor. From operational debris to general traffic dirt, you can be sure that this is the right machine for the job. After all, it’s the product that kickstarted Factory Cat into the industrial floor cleaning giant they are today. 

Some of its main features are:

  • Tank Material: Steel 1/8” (.3175 cm).
  • Front Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 6” × 2” Caster.
  • Rear Wheels (Diameter × Width): (2×) 10” × 1.75”.
  • Size (L × W × H): 147 × 79 × 96 cm.
  • Weight (w/o Batteries): 320 lbs (145 Kg).
  • Weight (with 245ah Batteries): 450 lbs (204 Kg).
  • Battery Run Time: 3 to 5 hours.
  • Cleaning Width: 34”.
  • Sweeping Method: Direct Throw.
  • Broom Power: 400 RPM.
  • Side Broom Speed: 65 RPM.
  • Speed Control: 0-3 MPH.


Choose the Right Industrial Floor Cleaner For Your Workplace

So, you’ve seen the benefits that an industrial floor cleaner can have on your workplace. The cleanliness of your site floor is often overlooked, however, it should be one of your main priorities to set high standards throughout your operations. 

To achieve the best results possible, you need to choose the right machine for your own industrial setting. Just because one machine works well for another business, doesn’t mean that it’ll automatically be a good fit for yours. 

At Beta Solutions, we’re committed to helping you find the right solution for your business. To help you get a feel for the machines that we stock and dive deeper into the features of the above-mentioned products, we’ve created a free guide that details these machines and their individual technicalities. 

Don’t wait to download your copy, do it today!