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Nilfisk T75

Power 7.5kW Voltage 400V Dimensions 130cm x 60cm x 164cm 100L Bin Filter options: L Industrial

It's the ideal for suction of heavy material over long distance. It can be used as a fixed vacuum system thanks to its electrical cabinet being ready to receive further components for a remote control if needed.

For large quantity of fine dust the version with electrical shaker (SE FM) is the perfect tool for correct filter cleaning. On such versions, the electric shaker variant is always combined with an "M" Class star filter (3,5 m2). A version with automatic shut-off for liquid is offered too. This includes a grid&valve and a cyclone plate (GV CC) to make life easier for the user and to protect the star filter. An accessory box, a cable and hose/tube holders make the T75 very ergonomic and simplifies the daily work of the operator. The electric cabinet includes a Star/Delta starter to reduce the current peak at the start (soft start).

Powerful and reliable threephase industrial vacuum for the recovery of wet and dry materials. Ideal for use where suction ofheavy materials may be required.

    •   Side channel blower for continuous use
    •   100 litre bin capacity
    •   Container release system
    •   Automatic stop for liquids
    •   Gravity unload (GU) with plastic bag or Longopac
    •   Solid and slim design
    •   L & M Class filters (M class on the GU FM & on the SE FM versions)
    •   Accessory box & cable/hose holders
    •   Manual Filter shaker (standard) Electric Filter shaker (SE FM version)
    •   Vacuum meter
    •   Star Delta electronics providing soft start

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