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Nilfisk T40W Infiniclean

Power 4.0kW Voltage 400V Dimensions 113cm x 60cm x 153cm 100L Bin Infi-Clean Self Cleaning Filter Industrial

TheT40W is the ideal industrial 3ph vacuum for the general cleaning in all kinds of industry especially whena large quantity of dust has to be collected. Fitted with a parallel dual stage side channel blower the T40 has the benefit of providing a large amount airflow. The low position of the blower gives it a great stability even when moving on rough floors. An handle runs all around the machine allowingease of manouverability from one working place to another. An "L" class filter is fitted to the T40W as standard. Furthermore the manual filter shaker guarantees a perfect efficiency of the filtration.

An accessory box, a cable and hose/tube holders make model T40W very ergonomic and simplifies the daily work of the operator. The manometer shows to the operator when the filtration efficiency decreases, promoting to shake the manual filter shakerand maintain filter efficiency.Connection to floor treatment machines suchas grinders, scarifyers, or shot blasting machinesthe T40WP is the ideal I-vac for the Building & Construction inductry."M" Class cartridgescan be fitted as an option allowing an automaticcleaning system (InfiniClean)which offers additional functionality when alarge quantity of dust needs to be collected.


For L, M and H versions see factsheet in hazardous dusts menu.

The T40W is a mobile wet & dry industrial vacuum. Available with 100 or 50L capacity bin, gravity unload system (GU), "M"Class primary filter or Hepa filtration. T40WP and T40W IC are ideal to collect very fine and large quantity of dust with the automatic filter cleaning system

    •   4kW Side channel blower connected in parallel for high Air Flow
    •   L100 & L50 bins available
    •   Container release system
    •   Gravity unload (GU) with plastic bag or Longopac
    •   Robust design
    •   L & M Class primaryfilters
    •   Accessory box & cable/hose holders
    •   Manual Filter shaker as standard
    •   Manometer for filter monitoring
    •   WP models with on board compressor forautomatic filter cleaning

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