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Nilfisk 3997 / 3997W

Power 20kW Voltage 400V Dimensions 200cm x 90cm x 215cm 175L Bin Filter Options: L, M, H Industrial

The 3997 and 3997W have a 22 kW, three phase, aluminium casting induction motor directly driving the fan. The suction unit is run by an electronic control box utilising soft start technology which reduces power consumption during start up. An external electric filter shaker enables easy and efficient filter cleaning. The "L" class star filter is mountedin the machine as standard and guarantees efficient filtration. A cyclone plate is incorporated into the filter chamber and aids filter protection.With a 175 litre capacity waste container, they are designed for heavy duty use and continuous service. Fitted with the drop down realease mechanism as standard ensures ease of removal and emptying. The machine body and chassis are manufactured to ensure stability, robustness and a long service life.

For very heavy duty and continuous service. This 3 phase vacuum is the most powerful mobile vacuum unit in the Nilfisk-CFM range, and has the ability to collect large quanities of heavy material found in a variety of industries.

    •   Heavy duty vacuums
    •   Continuous running
    •   Reduced maintenance
    •   Standard electric filter shaker
    •   High suction levels
    •   Filter monitoring
    •   Bin lifting accessories availabl
    •   L, M, H andstainless steel versions

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