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Nilfisk S2 Wet & Dry

Power 2kW Voltage 230V / 110V Dimensions 80cm x 60cm x 123cm 40L or 50L Bin Filter Options: L, M, H Industrial

The S2 Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner has an easy to use electronic control panel, a manual filter shaker and a sit down container system. Several variants are available - partially or completely in Stainless Steel, with Upstream Hepa filter in order to meet specific specialist needs. The collected material falls inside the disposal bag once the vac is off. A flap opens allowing the material to fall down when the machine is switched off. As well as the gravity unload device, model S3 GU FM, has an 'M' Class primary filter that retains very fine dust.

Model S2 L50 is also available with a liquid level control or a solid level control. An SE version with an electric filter shaker that automatically shakes the star primary filter before and after work is also an option. S2 is a single phase industrial vac with 2 'bypass' motors. It's fitted with an electronic board for easy control and monitoring. It's available with a 40L or 50L bin. An L, M or H Class certified versions is available

  •   2 independent 'bypass' motors
  •   Easy to use electronic control board
  •   Electric filter shaker (variant)
  •   Compact industrial machine for use anywhere in production areas
  •   Solid and slim design
  •   L class filter as standard
  •   Sit down container with castors & handle
  •   Manual Filter shaker as standard
  •   Accessory box Cable & hose holders

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