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Nilfisk SW900

Sweep Width Main Broom only 600mm Sweep Width with Right Hand Side Broom 825mm Large 139cm x 87cm x 110cm Hopper Capacity 60L Battery 12V Commercial

An ideal Sweeper for cleaning contractors, industry and manufacturing, schools, warehouses, hotels, exhibition & congress centers.

Higher cleaning performance and productivity.

The SW900 Pedestrian Sweeper for both indoor and outdoor use offers dust free removal of dry debris. It will increase your everyday productivity through new features: Total control from operator position, improved ergonomics with hopper on wheels, and higher cleaning performance.

  • All controls can be viewed and reached from operator position
  • More comfortable to maneuver with new ergonomic handlebar
  • Easier to adjust speed: New traction lever integrated in handlebar
  • The hopper holding 60 litres, is easy to pull off sweeper
  • New side broom control on handlebar
  • Automatic on/off when side broom is lowered/raised
  • Quicker and more effective cleaning of filter: New electric shaker system

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