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Nilfisk SC800-86 34D/TD

Scrub Width 34" (approx 860mm) 2 x Disc Brush Drive/Pads Large 158cm x 88cm x 113cm 95L Tank Battery 24V Commercial/Industrial

The SC800 is a very large Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer, designed for maximum performance and productivity, easy handling and operator comfort, low maintenance and superb cleaning results.

This walk behind scrubber dryer is designed for heavy duty large area cleaning but it is easy to handle and very flexible in a wide variety of cleaning applications. It is ideal for daily floor cleaning - from ultra light to very heavy floor scrubbing tasks such as entrance areas, spillages, grease removal, grout cleaning and porous-surface cleaning. The SC800 can also clean with water only, to help remove detergent residue from floors.

A new squeegee concept and a powerful vacuum motor means the SC800 provides more effective water collection and recovery, allowing your floors to dry even more quickly than before.

Powerful brush and vac motors, high down pressure (up to 77 kg), outstanding cleaning and drying performance make it the best solution for heavy duty 'industrial' cleaning tasks.

Large 95 litre solution and recovery tanks give extra capacity for longer working time.

The scrub deck is protected with removable covers this prevents damage to walls and doors, while providing easy access for maintenance of the scrub deck.

The SC800 is ideal for use in confined spaces. No compromise on the operator comfort level and manoeuvrability.

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National Coverage, including Scotland, Wales & Ireland.

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