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Factory Cat MicroMag 20D/TD

Scrub Width 20" (approx 510mm) 1 x Disc Brush Drive/Pad Small 89cm x 46cm x 97cm 38L Tank Battery 24V Industrial


  • Pad driver
  • Battery Gauge / Hour Meter
  • All Steel 1/8"/3.2mm/11ga. powder coated steel frame that supports all weight
  • Powder painted chassis. 16 x more corrosion resistance than traditional enamel
  • 10-gallon Solution with 'Site Tube' level indicator and integrated drain hose
  • 10-gallon Recovery tank with 1.5" diameter drain hose with flow control
  • DISK: 3/4 hp / 200 rpm Scrub Motor
  • 650 watt, three-stage vacuum motor
  • Protected scrub deck and rollers for wall protection
  • Heavy-duty, laser cut, curved squeegee
  • 85 ah Trojan Battery pack
  • 100% Use of Stainless fasteners and hinges
  • Smart Solution, stops water flow automatically when 'drive' button is released
  • 500 lb. capacity scrub deck actuator
  • Operator & Parts Manuals
  • Muffler System reduces operating sound level to 67 dBa
  • Standard Squeegee Size:
  • Micro & MicroMag: 20" uses a 34" squeegee

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