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Factory Cat MiniMag 28D/TD

Scrub Width 28" (approx 710mm) 2 x Disc Brush Drive/Pads Medium 114cm x 46cm x 102cm 64L Tank Battery 24V Industrial

This Factory Cat floor cleaning machine is one of the best medium-size Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers on the market. The 28D version has, as the name suggests, a 28 inch scrub deck that can either be fitted with a disc brush or a range of floor cleaning, buffing and stripping pads. The machine can also be set up to concrete polish floors and maintain concrete polished floors. It is a battery machine and has a voltage rating of 24V.

You can get around 4 to 5 of run time from this machine on a full charge. The TD stands for traction drive which means the Magnum 30D/TD can move forwards by simply pressing a touch button to effortlessly operate the machine, meaning easy use and no operator fatigue from trying to handle this heavy equipment. The machine also has an independent reverse switch, to move the machine backwards also with minimal effort. The machine is available with extras such as an onboard jet spray and vac wand attachment for hard to reach areas and detail cleaning of flooring edges. You can also opt for higher speed motors with dual speed switch to change between scrubbing and buffing speeds.

The Factory Cat Minimag 282 Disc scrubber dryer with Traction Drive includes:

  • Pad Drivers for Disc Machine
  • MiniMag - 'Central Command II' Energy Managment System
  • All steel, 3/16" | 5mm | 7ga, powder coated frame that supports all weight
  • 17-gallon Solution with 'Site Tube' level indicator and integrated drain hose
  • 17-gallon Recovery tank with 1.5" diameter drain hose with flow control
  • 200 rpm scrub motors 28" use dual 0.75hp motors)
  • 650 watt, three-stage vacuum motor
  • Shroud protected scrub deck and rollers for wall protection
  • Heavy-duty, laser cut, curved squeegee with 4-sided rear blade
  • Brush Assist: 130 ah Trojan Battery pack - Standard
  • Traction Drive: 130 ah Battery pack - Standard
  • Automatic 12 amp, 110-v / 60 Hz Charger
  • 100% Use of Stainless fasteners and hinges
  • Smart Solution, stops water flow automatically when 'drive' button is released
  • Non Marking Tyres and Casters
  • Down Pressure Gauge (0 - 150 pounds)
  • 500 lb. capacity scrub deck actuator
  • Operator & Parts Manuals
  • Battery Gauge / Hour Meter
  • Muffler System reduces operating sound level to 67 dBa

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