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Nilfisk SC500D 21D/TD

Scrub Width 21" (approx 530mm) 1 x Disc Brush Drive/Pad Medium 127cm x 72cm x 106cm 45L Tank Battery 24V Commercial/Industrial

The Nilfisk SC500 pedestrian scrubber dryer has been designed to improve productivity and cut your cleaning costs.  This is achieved through operator-friendly controls and new technical features which allow for daytime cleaning. The SC500 also offers extremely efficient water and chemical use.

This machine is ideal for cleaning in hospitals, schools, offices, supermarkets, shops, sports centres, restaurants, hotels, and production floors.

Productivity is improved by automatically adjusting the water and chemical solution flow according to the speed the machine is moving at. By using this feature, the machine consistently controls the cleaning result and reduces wastage in the consumption of the onboard water and chemical.  The cleaning costs are reduced further due to several new features with SC500D. The sustainable “Ecoflex” system offers flexible use of the chemical solution tanks, and also provides a water only cleaning function, just by the touch of a button.

You may also be able to reduce cost with the opportunity to move out business cleaning hours into daytime business cleaning, as the machine is very quiet with an operating low sound level.

Features Include:

  • Low noise operating with a vac motor system running at just 60 ±3 dB(A).
  • Solution flow of chemical and water automatically controlled by speed.
  • Easy to use, drive paddle and operator display with touch button and easy click on & off.
  • Plastic light squeegee with patented elastic strap system.
  • Ecoflex system with flexible chemical setting and water only cleaning option.
  • 53cm scrubbing width and automatic brush speed control to save energy.
  • Electric motor to lower and raise the brush deck with touch button control.
  • 45 litre solution and recovery tanks and up to 5 hours of running time in light applications.
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