Lease & Hire

Flexible Hire Options for Beta Solutions Industrial Floor Cleaning Machinery
Choose to short-term hire or longer-term lease industrial cleaning machinery with high-performance results from Beta Solutions – Sole UK Importers of Factory Cat USA.

Whether you need industrial floor cleaning machinery for 1 month, 12 months or 60 months, you can now get a flexible tailored hire experience for your site-specific operational needs.

We offer flexible short term rolling hire and long term leasing of our machinery ranges.

Beta Solutions are your truly industrial cleaning machinery hire solution. As a family-owned business, when you hire from us, you get more than just a machine:

  • Technical Support (Hotline)
  • Full Certified HSE compliant Training to operatives
  • Quarterly servicing & repair call-out cover
  • EX- British Forces REME trained directly employed Engineers
  • Engineer on-site within 24 working hours of the initial call
  • Courtesy Machines (T&C’s apply)
  • Free site visit, demo and advice if required
  • 24-48 FREE delivery UK wide

The Benefits Of Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Lease And Hire

Leasing industrial cleaning machinery has been becoming more and more popular in recent years. Mainly due to the industrial sites realising that they don’t want to own a depreciating floor cleaning machine, they just want the facility to be able to clean their factory and warehouse floors. An increasing number of our customers have been discovering the benefits of lease and hire of Beta Solutions industrial cleaning machines.

When hiring Factory Cat and other brands from us, you get the very latest in robust industrial cleaning machines that are properly serviced by our Ex-British Forces REME qualified engineers. Giving you peace of mind and access to the highest skilled industrial cleaning machine field engineers in the UK.

This is, of course, the greatest benefit of leasing or hiring industrial cleaning machines. Quality robust industrial cleaning machinery can be expensive to purchase and involves several extra costs, including consumables, training, maintenance and the inevitable repairs.

With lease and hire, there is no significant upfront outlay, freeing up your working capital to be used elsewhere in the business. Hiring is also fully tax-deductible, and unlike capital equipment, comes off your tax bill in the first year. Plus the servicing plan in most cases is included within the monthly lease or hire payments.

Leasing or Hiring from Beta Solutions gets you more than just a floor cleaning machine. Your machine will also come with full maintenance and servicing included as standard, meaning your employees don’t have to carry out time-consuming repairs to maintain the standard of the equipment. Furthermore, we also provide the best 5 unit safe operator certified training courses for industrial cleaning machinery operation in the UK.

Business is about planning as far in advance as possible, but sometimes you just can’t predict when you will have an immediate reactive need for industrial cleaning machinery. When buying machines outright it takes time to research the correct product, order, process and approve the capex, payment and delivery. When you hire from Beta Solutions, you can get the machine you need on cash or account, delivered within 24-48hrs.

Plus, you’ll be dealing with experts in the industrial cleaning machine industry who will be on hand to provide you with advice on what machine best suits your site-specific operational needs. We can even visit your site to do a free site survey and onsite machine demonstration before you commit to the latest and most productive Beta Solutions industrial cleaning machine.

The cleaning industry is seeing its greatest rate of technological change to date, and with some brands, these changes come at the expense of durability and robustness. Beta Solutions are at the forefront of supplying into industry the most efficient, durable and productive floor cleaning machines available.

When you hire, you’ll be able to choose from a range of the latest toughest machines. Having a new robust machine each time your hire period is renewed allows you to get on with your onsite operations.

You’ll also be pleased to know that with Beta Solutions certified PUWER compliant training is included for your operators, to enable maximum uptime and avoid downtime through lack of experience.

It’s often a benefit that is overlooked, but if you prefer to purchase, why not try before you buy with hire? Purchasing machinery is a big commitment and a big capital outlay, so hiring your machine for 1 month to 12 months, before purchasing outright, can provide peace of mind.

Plus, you have access to expert advice and training when you deal with Beta Solutions, so you know you’ll be getting the best out of your machine. By trialling a machine, it allows you to test the capabilities, the frequency with which you use the equipment, its flexibility and the increase in efficiency it delivers, all making capital purchasing decisions intelligent ones.

Whether you need a quick solution during peak periods or simply want the hassle taken out of purchasing, maintaining and operating cleaning machinery, leasing & hiring is the perfect solution. It’s easy to see why more and more industrial operations in food manufacturing, food distribution centres, factories, warehouses and logistics are utilising this option.

At Beta Solutions, we offer a range of hire periods and flexible options to suit, get in touch to find out more.

Frequently Hired Beta Solutions Machinery.

  • Scrubber-Dryers

    Walk-behind scrubbers-dryers feature compact designs to easily reach tight and confined spaces.
    Ride-on scrubber-dryers cover large areas and provide optimal water recovery.

  • Sweepers

    Ride-on sweepers are ideal for high production sweeping of indoor and outdoor surfaces.
    Walk-behind sweepers are ideal for picking up debris in indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Outdoor Sweepers

    Clean outdoor areas with high-performance litter vacuums and street sweepers.
    Trust Beta Solutions machinery for cleaner site roads, grounds, campuses, industrial complexes and car parking spaces.

1 Month Hire

Sometimes you may only need a short term solution to get your job done on time and within budget. Examples include:

  • Audit cleaning of food and beverage production cleaning tasks
  • Audit cleaning food, beverage and supermarket distribution
  • Industrial building cleanup
  • Backup for existing industrial cleaning machines
  • Enhanced onsite cleaning and sanitation plans
  • COVID-19 emergency cleaning plan
  • Replacement machinery
  • Virus and bacteria infection control cleaning

We have you covered for short term monthly hire with an easy transaction process and credit card payment options.

Hire Periods

At Beta Solutions, we offer a range of hire periods and flexible options to suit, get in touch to find out more.

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