Keep Your Machine in Top Condition with a Service Contract


"Your engineer was attentive and professional and we look forward to seeing him on site again" - James at B.A.E

"Your engineer is a great ambassador for Beta Solutions Ltd, we are very happy with him as an engineer and your staff at the office - the response we receive is always professional and timely" - XPO Hinkley & Daventry


Our Service

When it comes to machine service we realise that one size does not fit all. When entering into a service agreement with Beta Solutions, you have the opportunity to choose between a range of different service options - developed to match your specific needs. We are ready to assist you in choosing the professional service solution that best suits your individual site-specific operations.


Why Do I Need Service?

Think of your industrial cleaning machine as a small car. Just like a car requires maintaining, so do our machines.

Maintenance is incredibly important because:

  • It prolongs the life expectancy of your machine
  • It ensures that your machine always performs at its optimum level
  • It allows us to remedy small defects before they evolve into more costly repairs
  • We ensure that your machine complies with government regulations
  • A complete service history ensures the value of the machine at resale
  • Lack of maintenance may invalidate the machine warranty


Beta Solutions Service


Fix Your Service Costs

With a service agreement, you know your machine related expenses beforehand. The more advanced your contract, the more predictable your costs. Our service contracts are supported by flexible payment options.


Professional Service

Beta Solutions is a national reach company with a local presence and a 'within 48 hours response time target'. Our heritage dates back to 1988 when the company was founded.

Our team of engineers are passionate about ensuring about ensuring that your machines run as effectively as they can - for as long as they can. All of our engineers are employed by us and we do not sub-contract any servicing work. As part of their induction when they join the company, all of our engineers complete an extensive and detailed course and exam.


Quality and Commitment

Beta Solutions have supplied and serviced quality industrial cleaning machinery throughout the UK since 1988, to some of the biggest quality-conscious domestically based industrial organisations.

Beta Solutions engineers are continuously educated and devoted to maintaining and repairing machines, to ensure we are always ready to help you as quickly as possible. Our engineers only use original branded manufacturer spare parts, fixing problems rapidly and durably for maximised uptime. Some of the biggest names in UK industry trust Beta Solutions to manage their site machine supply and service requirements.

Service agreements are available on 1, 2, 3 or 4 service visits per year from 1 to 5 years. Please contact us for more details.

For Help and Advice Call 01282 416139
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