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Should Warehouse Floor Cleaning Be a Priority?

warehouse floor cleaning a piority

When it comes to warehouse floor cleaning, there should be no deliberation whether it should be a priority or not. Not only is it crucial to keeping hygiene levels as high as possible – especially in the food and drink industry – but it’s also imperative for improving safety levels within your workplace too. 

Food and drink manufacturing warehouses can become messy quickly. Whether it’s accidental spillages, general operational dirt and debris or vehicles leaving their mark, various factors can contribute to the build-up. Dirty workplaces are a huge no-no in the majority of industries, but the food and drink industry should take cleanliness to a whole new level. 

So, should warehouse floor cleaning be a priority? In short, yes. But why? Well, this post will explain the importance of keeping your warehouse floor as clean as it can be and will outline the benefits in doing so too. 


We’ll cover:


The Importance of Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Industrially cleaning your warehouse floor is imperative to the efficiency of your business. FACT. In the food and drink manufacturing industry, if your warehouse floor isn’t clean it can lead to the contamination of goods. Once your goods are contaminated, they’re no longer suitable for consumption. Therefore, you’ll have to throw them away and increase your wastage. 

This means that your business will be throwing money away – literally. Plus, any time spent treating the products or preparing them within the correct procedure was wasted too. You’ll then have to invest in new products to replace the ones you’ve been forced to throw away. So, as you can see, contaminated goods can impact businesses in many ways.


warehouse floor cleaning


There’s more too. It could be a whole lot worse. The above-mentioned factors are only consequential should you spot the contamination in your quality checking stages. Should some damaged food and drink goods slip through the net and be delivered to the supplier, you’re then putting people’s overall health and wellbeing at risk. 

Under no circumstances should contaminated goods be consumed. If they are, people can be seriously ill and require medical attention. They’ll then be able to trace this back to your company and you could find yourself in a whole lot of bother. Businesses could be forced to pay compensation that could bring them to their knees – which won’t bode well with the owners and shareholders. 

So, regular warehouse floor cleaning is vitally important to the success of your business. It’ll keep contamination levels at zero, increase team member safety and reduce any accidents in the workplace too. 


Increased Productivity and Output

Keeping your warehouse floor clean can improve productivity and output levels. Operational dirt and debris will only get in the way of your team members when moving around the workplace. Warehouses are particularly busy places, so your staff must move quickly around the floor to ensure that tight deadlines are met and their daily role is carried out. 

If team members are having to think about every step as the floor is filthy and hazards are maximised, then they’re going to subconsciously slow down, aren’t they? In the food and drink manufacturing industry, time is money. So, businesses can’t afford their workforce to slow down at all. 


warehouse floor cleaning improve productivity


If your business is operating at optimum productivity and output levels, you may spot that there’s scope to take on extra work. Increasing client orders and welcoming new custom can only mean one thing for your business – growth. That’s what every business strives to achieve, right? 

Tread carefully though. Although productivity and output levels will be sky-high, you should take note of just how hard your team is being worked. You don’t want your staff members to be ultra-busy every moment of the day as they can then become stressed, fatigued and down on morale. This will be counterproductive and you’ll see a drop in overall morale and performance. 


Improved Profitability

Investing in a scrubber dryer or floor sweeper can improve your overall profitability. Of course, they can be a costly outgoing for your business but the benefits of introducing industrial floor cleaning equipment to your business processes definitely outweigh the disadvantages. 

As you’ve just read, clean warehouse floors improve productivity and output levels. So, in turn, what does that naturally mean for your business? More profit. Your workforce will be working more efficiently than ever before, meaning that you’ll be getting the maximum output from them at the cost of their wage. 


increased profitability warehouse floor cleaning


Plus, the more customers that opt to work with your business, the more revenue your business will be bringing in. If you can deal with these customers with the current framework of the business and not have to make any drastic changes, you’ll be experiencing levels of profit that you’ve never seen before in your business accounts. 

We know it’s hard to believe that warehouse floor cleaning can sprout exponential growth in your profit margins – but it’s true. Streamlining processes and allowing your team members to work at their optimum levels will have a ripple effect throughout the business. Success isn’t created on customer-facing decisions alone, it needs to work in tandem with business-critical foundations behind the scenes. 


Reduced Downtime

The dreaded words that no business owner wants to hear concerning their business – downtime. If your business is experiencing full or partial downtime, it means that your operations are temporarily paused, lessened or brought to a complete standstill. Therefore, depending on the severity, you’ll be losing money quickly. 

Unfortunately, downtime is sometimes unavoidable. From regional power outages to global pandemics, many factors are out of your control that can put a stop to your business operations. However, a lot of the time, it’s an avoidable consequence from a matter that was indefinitely in your control. 


downtime cost what is downtime


For example, in the food and manufacturing industry, spillages can often happen. That’s fine, after all, 26 percent of downtime is caused by human error and we can’t expect team members to operate perfectly. However, it’s the reaction to the spillage that’ll impact the severity of the downtime. 

Does it get cleaned up right away? Or, is it left on the floor for an employee to slip on, hurt themselves and bring the business to a partial or full standstill? Having an industrial cleaning machine to hand would allow you to quickly rectify the mistake and avoid any injuries. That way, your business can continue to work hard towards meeting your set deadlines. 


High Business Standards Upheld

By regularly cleaning your warehouse floor, you’re ensuring that high standards are upheld from the ground up – literally. There’s no point in striving to be the best you possibly can be if you’re not achieving this in all facets of your business. You need to be firing on all cylinders to ensure that you reach the top – and stay there!

High business standards shouldn’t just be in place for customer-facing roles. Sure, your clients and partners need to see that your business is a cutting edge, quality food and drink manufacturer, but if you have a dirty workplace and an under-performing team to back it up, is that not merely a facade? We think so. 

Factory Cat industrial cleaning machines are robust and heavy-duty pieces of equipment that are proven to get the job done right, every time. They’re the industry leaders in results and it’s easy to see why. At Beta Solutions, we’re the sole importer of these fantastic machines in the UK – something we’re very proud of.  


Choose the Right Warehouse Floor Cleaning Machine For Your Business

So, as you’ve just read, warehouse floor cleaning is imperative. Not only does it improve the overall safety and hygiene of your business, but it also provides various benefits. However, to ensure that you experience maximum gain from your machine, you need to choose the right one that suits your business perfectly. 

When it comes to choosing a machine, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works for your business. Just because a ride-on scrubber dryer works for your competitors, that doesn’t mean it’ll suit your site too. 

So, to help you choose the ideal piece of equipment, we’ve created a free guide that outlines some of our most popular machine choices. It includes everything you need to know including the benefits that each machine can bring to the floor, their individual features and which industry they’re most well suited to. 

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