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Floor Scrubbing Robot: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing a Floor Scrubbing Robot

Let me set the scene: The powers that-be have decided they want to accelerate automation at your company and have identified cleaning as a great place to start. You’re exploring options to keep your warehouse floors clean, functional and operating efficiently. At this stage you’re probably lost in a sea of jargon and specifications. So let us explain why Neo 2 is the smartest floor scrubbing robot in the marketplace today.

The Avidbots AI Platform is the smartest in the business.

In short, Neo is one switched on cookie. Using the powerful Avidbots AI Platform to leverage data from a number of sensors, Neo provides real-time situational awareness. This allows the robot to make decisions and act accordingly, reducing the reliance on your onsite operators to a minimum. The two key objectives of the AI Platform are: 

  • Determining the robot’s position 
  • Finding the best path for the current task

What about environmental changes in your facility?

We get it, your site is busy and the environment is ever changing; it’s a dynamic space and you need a robotic floor scrubber that can handle these changes with ease. The Avidbots AI Platform empowers Neo to handle this challenge.

How does Neo shine where other robots fail?

You could call it the Avidbots secret sauce. The difference is that when Neo is deployed in a facility, the entire space is mapped and a fully-customisable cleaning plan is generated. Neo then uses this information to create an optimal cleaning route. 

Other self-driving floor scrubbing robots operate using teach-and-repeat principles. They only know the route your team has taught them. This means they are prone to stoppages when the environment in your facility changes.

You don’t want to have to babysit your robotic floor scrubber. You don’t want countless alerts when it gets stuck.

You need a floor scrubber that can think for itself—one that is fully autonomous.


But, won’t it get confused if my aisles all look the same? 

Nope! Neo understands it’s environment and knows exactly where it is in respect to the site map. In the world of robotics this is called localisation. 

The bit for the boffins. 

Avidbots’ advanced localisation algorithms, engineered on the experience of hundreds of thousands of operating hours, allows for continuous operation in even the most dynamic and challenging environments.

By interpreting long-range lidar sensor data and utilising the detailed cleaning plan maps, the Avidbots AI Platform provides localization level awareness to Neo.

Imagine Neo is cleaning and comes to an aisle that is blocked by a pallet—not a problem. Neo will continue to the next aisle, remember that it previously skipped the blocked aisle, and then will come back later to see if that aisle is now free. That’s the type of autonomous floor scrubbing robot you need!

How will it avoid all of the forklifts and employees on site?

Easily. That’s how. 

Neo is unmatched in obstacle avoidance, able to avoid anyone or anything. Using a variety of sensors, the Avidbots AI Platform constantly monitors the environment and updates the information in real time. 

If an unexpected obstacle appears? Not a problem, Neo will stop and determine the safest path forward.

Multiple objects—potentially a forklift approaching as two employees also walk by? Other self-driving floor scrubbers would grind to a halt and send out an alert to be rescued. Again not an issue for Neo who will assess the data and decide the best path forward to continue until the cleaning plan is complete. 

How will Neo stay ahead of the game? 

The Avidbots AI Platform waves goodbye to manual updates instead opting to do this seamlessly via the cloud. Each time Neo performs an update it is able to recognise more objects and more environmental data.

Want to see it in action? Of course you do

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