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Helping You Choose the Right Machine

Once your FREE Site Survey has been completed and you have received a machine recommendation, you should always see a FREE Demonstration of the machine at your site. This will allow you to watch the machine in action and see first-hand, the job it can do for you.

As we are not a manufacturer but an authorised UK dealer, we can give you completely impartial advice on what is truly the ideal cleaning machine.

Images of machines are useful, but nothing beats seeing the actual machine you have chosen, working right in front of you. It can also be helpful for other people in your organisation to see the machine too – finance, cleaning staff, directors etc. You will then have complete peace-of-mind that the machine is right for you.

Whilst we cannot leave a machine on-site with you, we can stay for a full day to demonstrate a machine, to ensure you are happy with your choice.

Following your FREE Demonstration, you will then receive a comprehensive quote.

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Site Surveys

If you are looking at this site, the chances are you are in the process of looking for some new or replacement industrial cleaning machinery. Whilst many companies approach their procurement in different ways, there is one thing that you should definitely take advantage of if you are looking at industrial cleaning machinery – and that’s a FREE Site Survey.

With over 30 years experience in industrial cleaning machinery sales, we can help you choose the correct machine for your site. There are literally hundreds of machine options with different brush types, cleaning widths, machine sizes and costs, so to make sure you get the right one, we offer a FREE Site Survey. As we are not a manufacturer but an authorised UK dealer of some of the leading brands, we can give you completely impartial advice on what is truly the ideal cleaning machine.

The Site Survey will allow us to assess the size of area you are looking to clean, how often it needs to be cleaned, distance between racking, turning area, specialist flooring or painted surfaces, so you get a machine which matches your needs exactly.

We’ll go through all the different options available to you and recommend a machine which will do everything you need it to do. Our specialist knowledge of industrial cleaning in factories, warehouses and logistics hubs will help you avoid purchasing or leasing a machine which is too big, too small or generally unsuitable for your cleaning requirements.

You’ll receive our recommendations on the best machine for you, then you can choose to have a FREE demonstration of the machine at your site.

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