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Avoid Costly Mistakes - Book a FREE Site Survey!

If you are looking at this site, the chances are you are in the process of looking for some new or replacement industrial cleaning machinery. Whilst many companies approach their procurement in different ways, there is one thing that you should definitely take advantage of if you are looking at industrial cleaning machinery - and that's a FREE Site Survey.

First of all, a site survey is completely free of charge and usually takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete. With a site survey complete, we can select and recommend from our massive range the right kit for your individual specific site requirements. We are not a manufacturer, we are a UK authorised dealership with many brands in our portfolio and as such - we have a much much bigger range of kit available to us than most manufacturers.   

However, by missing out on a free site survey you may be looking at machinery in the wrong way and opening yourself up to 3 longer term, costly mistakes:

Price Only

Not all cleaning machines are created equally - we should know, as we stock lots of them from world leading brands! If you are making your selection purely on a price basis, you are potentially not looking at the finer details of the build quality and whether it matches your requirements. This can lead to costly repairs and difficulty in keeping the machine in service. We too can offer budget machinery - but is budget right for every job? Would you buy a car based purely on price? Probably not. So, with a site survey complete and a visual understanding of your site and specific requirements, we can ensure we select the right option for you to price and compare - and save money in the long run, if you buy correctly. 

Wrong Size

Too big and you have spent too much, too small and you will lose out in time and productivity. Even turning circles and manouverability need to be considered to ensure your industrial cleaning machinery is capable of moving around your site with ease and productivity. During a site survey we can measure up and assess your site's internal blueprint to select the most suitable machinery. 

Wrong Specification & Set Up

Usage, environment, flooring type, fuel type, storage, consumables, service requirements etc, all need to be assessed during a site survey to allow us to select suitable machinery with suitable spec, which is set up to suit your needs. By buying or contract hiring a machine with the wrong spec and set up, you will potentially be overspending in the long run on consumables, call outs and needless extras. If the spec is too low, you will not be able to achieve the standard you need, due to the machine being of the wrong grade.

Make the most of our expertise and let us help you make sense of it all. Book a Free Site Survey Today - call 01282 416 139.

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