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Do You Really Need a New Sweeper?


We were recently contacted by an existing customer with a Ride-On Sweeper, to say the machine was not performing to expectation and asking us for a quote for a new machine.  

Following a site visit, our engineer discovered that the filter was completely blocked and removed a large quantity of shrink wrap from the main broom - and now the machine is working just as it should!  The customer subsequently took out a Service contract for the Sweeper - which is always recommended, but a bit of weekly maintenance from your operators is also a good idea.

Sweeper Maintenance Pic 1  Small

So, think about your Sweeper - is it working as well as it did when you bought it?  If not, there are some simple maintenance tips to keep your machine in tip-top condition:


Ride-On Sweepers

  • Check the diesel fuel tank level/LPG bottle/ Battery charge. If needed, refill/ change the LPG bottle.Sweeper Maintenance   Ride On Pic 1
  • Check the main broom bristles for wear and that the main broom freely rotates and is free from debris.
  • Open the engine cover and check that the engine and hydraulic oil radiator’s fins are clean from dust.
  • Check the engine liquid coolant level.
  • If the coolant level is low, check the amount of liquid in the expansion tanks and if needed, use to refill the radiator.
  • Check the engine oil level.
  • Make sure that the engine air cleaner and pre-filter are free from dust.
  • Inspect the hopper filter conditions. Plies should be clean and intact.  If not, blow the filter with air.
  • Check that the side skirts are at the proper height before sweeping.
  • Do the same for the rear skirt.If the machine has been used until the Red light illuminates on the battery level indicator on the machine, a full recharge of the batteries (10-12 hours) will be required. Failure to do this may cause damage to the batteries. Charging the batteries after every use is recommended.



Pedestrian Sweepers

  • Lower the side broom.Sweeper Maintenance   Pedestrian Pic 1
  • Drive the machine straightforward. Adjusting speed depending working conditions/quantity of debris.
  • Activate the filter shaker switch every 10 mins.
  • When operating on wet floors, open the ‘wet bypass’ port to avoid damaging the dust filter. Close the ‘wet bypass’ port to restore proper vacuuming.
  • Release the traction lever, lift the side broom and turn off the machine.
  • Remove the hopper and empty it and put the hopper back on the machine.
  • Check the main and side broom and remove any debris like straps, banding, shrink wrap etc.
  • Remove and clean the dust filter as indicated in the manual.


Don’t Forget!

Training is important - your machine operatives may change, but your Sweeper is a significant investment.  Try to ensure the people using your Sweeper know about its basic maintenance. 

Feel free to contact us for refresher training if required.


For Assistance Call 01282 416139
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