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How to care for Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers


So, you've taken the plunge and leased or bought a pedestrian scrubber dryer - that's quite an investment - how do you make sure you get the best from your new machine? 

First of all, read the Operator Manual - seems simple right?  But a surprising amount of people don't read this important guide...  The Manual contains lots of useful information including the functions of the controls, how to empty the machine, charge the batteries and even a troubleshooting guide.  If there's an issue with your machine, it's always a good idea to consult the Operator Manual before reporting the fault as it may be easily rectified by unblocking a filter or emptying the dirty water tank.

Scrubber Sweeper New 3

Familiarise yourself with the consumables on the machine which may need replacing - e.g. squeegees, batteries, brushes etc.   These should be checked regularly to see if they are worn or damaged - the machine will not work properly if these parts need replacing.  Again, the Manual will have instructions for replacing consumables.

You cannot clean a dirty floor with a dirty machine - so do make sure that you empty the dirty water tank and any waste hoppers, as well as cleaning out any filters which may be blocked.  Your scrubber dryer will perform much better if it is cleaned regularly.  Check the brushes for debris - especially shrink-wrap which should be removed from the floor before using the scrubber dryer.

Scrubber Sweeper New 4

If your machine runs on wet batteries, they should be topped up with distilled water every week - do not use tap water as this can ruin the batteries.  Always top up your wet batteries before putting the machine on-charge.  Ensure the machine is charged fully before using it - avoid opportunity charging (charging for a short length of time) as this can shorten the life of the batteries.

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