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The future of cleaning machines?


Driverless technology has taken a major advancement in recent years with cars being tested by several manufacturers, ready for launch in the coming years. When it comes to cleaning, the only real automation has been in the small-scale robot vacuums, which have really been aimed at the domestic market. But all that is about to change... 

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In the Spring of 2017, Nilfisk launched a smart, simple and highly reliable self-operating machine that has the power to increase the effectiveness of any cleaning program. It can handle repetitive tasks with consistent performance without the need for training but, most importantly, the time normally spent manually operating a scrubber can now be re-allocated toward a more focused and efficient cleaning program.

The proprietary advanced technology recognises an entire room in a single pass. The sensor suite has been optimised to guide the machine quickly and safely while detecting and avoiding any obstacles. The simple and intuitive interface makes this self-learning scrubber extremely user-friendly, allowing for hours of independent cleaning.

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With 3 cleaning modes, the driver-less Liberty A50 Scrubber Dryer can be tailored to suit your needs. The ‘CopyCat' mode is designed to replicate your desired cleaning path to perfection. With a single manual ride, the machine precisely learns exactly how you want to clean. For future cleaning passes, the scrubber will adapt to any new obstacles and clean with the highest consistency. With no need for special mapping or programming, ‘Fill-in’ mode is the fastest way to get started with autonomous cleaning. Simply drive the perimeter of the room you want to clean and the scrubber will autonomously clean every inch of the area avoiding any obstacles along the way. You can also choose to run in ‘Manual’ mode, giving you the productivity and flexibility of a manual stand-on scrubber. For cleaning tasks where only part of the normal cleaning procedure needs to be carried out, the manual mode will contribute significantly to reducing the total cost of ownership.

Liberty A50 Sports Hall Cs Educationsq Ps 570maxwidth Jplntok

The machine also comes with a remote user device, which communicates the current status of the machine and alerts the user of any issues. Using the device, the operator can pause or stop the machine remotely if needed. The scrubber is designed to operate even in low light conditions, allowing users to reduce facility operating costs. The intelligent and self-learning software solution is state-of-art. It enables the scrubber to remember, learn and make decisions even when the environment has changed.

At the March 2017 Cleaning Show in London, the Liberty A50 won the coveted Innovation Award in the floor cleaning category.

Liberty A50 Production Cs Lighindustrysq Ps 570maxwidth Jplntcb

So, do your cleaning staff need to be worried about being replaced by a machine? The simple answer is no - these autonomous machines simply free up Operator time which can then be spent on other cleaning tasks. Whilst the autonomous machine can tackle large areas with repetitive cleaning passes, they also free up cleaning operatives for manual, ad-hoc jobs in more unstructured environments such as busy offices

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