Dulevo 90DK Diesel

Category Floor Sweepers - Ride On Machines
Sweep Width Main Broom only 900mm Sweep Width with Right Hand Side Broom 1200mm Medium 2030mm x 1210mm x 1455mm Hopper Capacity 340L Diesel Industrial

- Hydraulic traction with variable pump and hydraulic motor placed on the rear wheel
- Hydraulic power steering
- Side brush bumper
- Anti-distortion and anti-shock brushes system
- Electrical hour counter
High Dump Industrial Line
SWEEPER MODEL 90 DK (diesel version)
- Use & Maintenance
- Suction system made up of:
Hydraulic suction turbine
Cotton – polyester filtering system
Electrical filter shaker
- Waste hopper volume 340 Lt.
- Hydraulic dumping up to 1350 mm
- Reverse-drive buzzer and stroboscopic beacon
- Pneumatic tyres
- Lighting system
- Sweeping system (with Sensitive Brush System) made up of:
Central cylindrical brush PPL (sweeping width 900 mm)
Right side brush PPL (sweeping width 1200mm)

- Dimension (L x W x H): 2030 x 1210 x 1455 mm
- Weight: 735 Kg