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Industrial Floor Sweepers For Sale or Contract Hire

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Wherever you are based in the UK we've got you covered and will take care of your industrial cleaning machinery needs. With new and used machines avaiable to buy, hire or lease If you need any help please get in touch. If you are unsure what you need we recommend a FREE OnSite Survey where one of our helpful team will visit your site and asses which cleaning machinery options and configurations would be best suited to your site specific needs and then provide you with a report accordingly.

 "Our Heavy Duty Industrial Machine clearing a builders yard dust free".


"Keeping Industry Clean"...

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Floor Sweeper

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Categories Of Machinery

Light Commercial

Typically lighter build quality machines under £3,000 very light usage, mainly pedestrian machines, some are even cable operated. These machines are aimed at being more efficient than sweeping. Ideal for small canteens, small corridors will clean general foot traffic dirt from most hard floors.

Light Industrial

Typically medium build quality machines under £5,000 for a pedestrian machine and under £7,000 for a Ride On Machine, all battery operated. Intended for light usage and removal of minimal dust and debris on the floors mainly from foot traffic, aimed at larger welfare areas. Ideal for colleges, schools, shopping centres.


Typically heavier build quality machines under £9,000 for a pedestrian machine and under £18,000 for a Ride On Machine, all battery operated, intended for industrial usage regularly and the removal of heavier dirt and debris from factory floors and production areas. Ideal for F&B production and some lighter production areas.

Heavy Duty Industrial

Typically the heaviest and most robust build quality machines under £14,000 for a pedestrian machine and under £60,000 for a Ride On Machine. Mainly battery for the pedestrian machines, but the Ride On Machines come in battery, LPG engine and Diesel engine for continuous use. For removing heavy dust, dirt and debri from large scale factory, warehouse floors, regional distribution centres.

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During the COVID-19 outbreak our specially trained Engineers are responding to emergency call outs. We are prioritising resources for our UK customers in food manufacturing and distribution as well as other Key Industrial sites such as Hygiene & Medical sectors and more.

For more information please call 01282 416139.

Keep Safe & Keep Well From All at Beta Solutions