Flex3 Hire Purchase

flex 3 hire purchase

The Benefits of FLEX3 Hire Purchase (HP)

Flex3 Hire Purchase from Beta Solutions gives you three flexible options at the end of the hire term for your site cleaning machinery.

Flex 1

Purchase the machinery with a pre-agreed bubble payment at the end of the term, service will be included for free for an additional year thereafter with option 1.

Flex 2

Send the machinery back at the end of the term and walk away or take out another HP hire on a brand new machine.

Flex 3

Extend the hire term, on the same machine and a reflective reduced rate.

Need More Information

During times of uncertainty, flexibility is important and the ability to pivot even more so. This is why Flex3 from Beta Solutions is proving a popular choice.

Whether you need a quick solution during peak periods, have an occasional need for specialist cleaning equipment, or simply want the hassle taken out of purchasing, maintaining and operating cleaning equipment, hiring is a great option. It’s an easy, safe, cost-effective and time-saving solution that more and more organisations are turning to.

At Beta Solutions, we offer a range of flexible options to suit your hire needs. All of our options can include parts, breakdown response and replacement machine if necessary, as well as full reporting with every scheduled service.

We’re flexible too – so you can choose to hire any cleaning equipment from our extensive range from 1 month to 60 months with a range of flexible options to suit.

Look no further than Beta Solutions! We are your total industrial cleaning equipment hire solution.