Industrial Floor Sweepers

Industrial floor sweepers are available in ride-on, walk-behind and outdoor options. They’re designed with different workplaces in mind and are effective in various industries. From logistics distribution centres to food and drink storage warehouses, they clean speedily so that minimum downtime is always achieved.


Ride on and walk behind floor sweepers

Model TR

Factory Cat Model TR
Cleaning Width
46'' (117 cm)
Hopper Capacity
4.2 cubic ft. (116 liters)
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Model 34

Factory Cat Model 34
Cleaning Width
34'' (86 cm)
Hopper Capacity
2.0 cubic ft. (56 liters)
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Why you need an industrial floor sweeper

In industries where time is of the essence and strict deadlines have to be adhered to, businesses are always looking to streamline processes and improve efficiency. One of the biggest tasks in industrial workplaces is ensuring that everything is as clean as possible so that standards are set high and your service is never disrupted.

Industrial floor sweepers are the perfect way to carry out a rigorous cleaning process and save time when doing so too. Warehouses and factories are often littered with debris and common dirt, which can cause problems and maximise hazards in the workplace. So, you need a machine that’ll have no problems picking up what’s in its way.

They’re battery-operated – simply charge them up and they’re ready to clean. Each industrial floor sweeper is simple in design but made with the highest quality materials. Their steel chassis is durable and built to last. Plus, the powerful motors and heavy-duty brushes ensure that the job is done correctly every time.

Factory Cat floor sweepers are a worthy investment for any business looking to improve their operations and increase their overall output levels too.