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Factory Cat MiniMag 24C/TD

Scrub Width 24" (approx 610mm) 2 x Disc Brush Drive/Pads Medium 114cm x 46cm x 102cm 64L Tank Battery 24V Industrial

This compact powerhouse of a machine is another heavy duty member of the Factory Cat family of cleaning machines.

Built for heavy industrial work this Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer has double 22" cylinder brushes working off independent oversized motors. These brushes allow the operator to not only scrub the floor clean but also to pre-sweep the floor, with debris being collected in a neat collection hopper tray located to the rear of the scrub deck.

Built on a steel chassis with an enclosed scrub deck, this Factory Cat MiniMag 24C is ideal for manufacturing and engineering facilities. It's capable of tackling swarf-laden floors or other harsh byproducts of the manufacturing process.

It has a 65L tank and is a 24V rated machine. You have the option of wet lead acid batteries, low maintenance gel batteries or HD batteries to provide some additional run time. Generally speaking, you can expect to get around 4hrs from a full charge on this machine.

The MiniMag has easy access parts for simple servicing and quick release brushes with no tools required. The brushes range in grade from soft nylon to heavy grit.

The machine is also available with brush pressure lock out to control the usage on your consumables.

Optional extras include on board spray gun attachment and 3m vac wand extension, which effectively can turn this machine into a wet industrial vacuum.

If you want to see a Factory MiniMag24C in action on your site please get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

These machines are available for purchase or contract hire along with the additional support add on's of service and training.

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