Dulevo 850 Mini

Cleaning track
Min 1500mm/Max 1850mm
Container capacity
Hourly performance
Power supply


Flexible hire options available


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Machine Summary

The Dulevo 850 suction road sweeper is designed for the heart of the city and environment, combining remarkable sweeping capability with excellent manoeuvrability.

Thanks to its hourly output, the Dulevo 850 is the ideal solution for city centres and all those areas that are difficult to reach with a traditional sweeper, such as: pavements, stations, cycling paths, pedestrian areas, car parks and parks.

The Dulevo 850 complies with all legislative gaseous and sound emission requirements. The extremely silent engine and special sweeping system minimise environmental impact and render sound emissions practically imperceptible.

Dulevo 850 Road Sweeper

Key Features

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The full motion side brushes are excellent for sweeping corners, gutters and for increasing the working width.


The 850 is equipped with a reverse camera with a colour screen as standard, alongside an acoustical warning beeper to ensure a safe reverse driving.

Working performance

The unique suction mouth and the powerful suction turbine pick up highly effective material as grit, sand and bulky debris.

Access & Service

A modular structure with easily removable side-mounted water tanks simplify access to the belt-driven components


The 850 has low noise and dust emission as well as low water and fuel consumption with the engine meeting the latest EU emission regulations.


The over-sized standard tires, axle suspension and ideal weight distribution ensure a balanced and safe driveability.

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Technical Details

Variable sweeping width1500-1850mm
Waste container capacity0.8/ 1m3 (OPT)
Dumping height1420mm
Seats in the cabin1
Cleaning performance22000m2 /h
Maximum speed30Km/h
PM 10 filtration99%
Engine BrandKubota