Dulevo 100 Sweeper

Cleaning track
Min 1000mm/Max 2000mm
Container capacity
400 litres
Hourly performance
Power supply
Electric 36V
Filtration PM10


Flexible hire options available


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Machine Summary

The Dulevo model 100 sweeper is the perfect machine to be employed in the heavy industry and in particularly dusty environments.

It is capable of capturing from the finest of particles up to gravel-sized debris. The Dulevo 100 sweeper may be easily employed also in public areas as well as in those areas dedicated to goods handling such as depots, loading/unloading areas, parking lots, etc. Rugged, reliable and noiseless, this machine is capable of totally satisfying any cleaning requirement, significantly improving the surrounding environment. Compact and easily manoeuvrable, the Dulevo 100 sweeper offers maximum productivity, reliability with the passing of time, and ease of use.

Dulevo 100 Sweeper

Key Features

The direct collection system

The collection is carried out through the side brushes, which send the debris toward the centre of the machine, where the central cylindrical brush hurls it at high speed directly into the container. The dust is sucked and kept in the container thanks to the depression created by a high capacity and prevalence suction fan. The fabric filtering system completes the sleeping cycle, guaranteeing the introduction in the environment of only clean air

high performance motors and down pressure
S.B.S. Sensitive Brush System

Its distinctive characteristic is the tested and popular S.B.S. Sensitive Brush System. It maintains pressure to the ground in the central brush unchanged, as set by the operator, automatically and quickly adjusting it to ground surface conditions and to the type of waste to pick up, ensuring outstanding and continuous cleaning in all conditions

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Dust control not only in the city

The Dulevo 100 can be equipped with the GORE® filtering system, which can filter up to 90% of PM2.5, freeing the environment where we live not only from dirt and dust, but also from the dangerous particulates. The special filtering GORE® materials foster a considerable increase of performance, guaranteeing a higher duration, easy cleaning, reduced maintenance, an increase in the air capacity equal to 35%

Ergonomic and efficient

Easy access to all components and entirely hydraulic technology render the sweeper simple and cheap.

Power steering

for more comfortable and pleasant driving

Water cooled engines

to ensure functioning in very hot climates and long periods of operation

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Technical Details

Sweeping width (with central brush)1000mm
Sweeping width with right side brushe)1350mm
Sweeping width (with right and left side brushes)1700mm
Sweeping width (with third brush)2000mm
Waste container capacity400 litres
Cleaning performance1400m2/h
Maximum speed7Km/h
Engine brandBest motor
FuelBattery 36V