Anthony Shian Author 

Neo 2 – Teacher’s Pet

neo 2

Neo 2 is the top of it’s class when it comes to autonomous floor cleaning machines. Neo provides the educational establishments with a crucial pillar in safety which welcomes students, teachers and staff into a safe, clean environment which is now more important than ever after the coronavirus pandemic. For many years, cleaning was just something that took place in the shadows—it was something that just ‘happened’ with people not really thinking about it. However after the covid-19, it’s been brought out of the shadows and now sits under a bright spotlight.

Neo is the industry leading autonomous floor cleaning robot, powered by the Avidbots AI Platform. This software provides dynamic mapping capabilities and real-time obstacle avoidance. With Avidbots Command Center, Neo provides a level of oversight and performance measurement not found in other commercial floor scrubbers. By implementing Neo, the autonomous floor cleaning robot, benefits schools will realize include:

● An increase in cleaning and disinfecting: With Neo taking care of the floors for up to 6 hours at a time (on a single charge), custodial staff are able to focus on high-touch surfaces that require human dexterity to clean. Having Neo as an additional team member will be imperative as students, teachers, staff and parents will be expecting more consistent and frequent cleaning of all surfaces at the school.

● A new team member that pays for itself: Neo delivers a return on investment that will pay for itself within a 12-18 month period. School districts will have to navigate labour challenges. As society now realizes the once thankless job of cleaning is not only unpleasant, but dangerous, fewer people will be willing to perform the job and it will demand greater compensation.

● A better student & staff experience and elevated brand image: Neo will quickly become an integral member of the custodial team, helping to keep students and staff safe and healthy. In turn, parents and the local community will know that the school takes the health and safety of students seriously. Already, schools around the globe including West Des Moines Community School, Southern Regional School District and St. Clair County Community College include Neo as an integral part of their teams.

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