Anthony Shian Author 

Neo 2 – Artificial Intelligence

The Avidbots AI Platform leverages data from a variety of robot sensors; providing situational awareness, enabling advanced decision-making capabilities and reliably completes its two key objectives: determining the robot’s position within space and finding the best path for the task at hand.

The Avidbots AI Platform delivers true autonomy, rarely getting lost, stuck or needing to be rescued by your team. As a result, it reduces reliance on your local team when compared with antiquated methods of operation such as teach-and-repeat.

How is Neo different and why does it handle these changes and others can’t? Well Neo is different than other robotic floor cleaning machines because when deployed in a facility, the entire space is mapped and a fully-customizable cleaning plan is generated. Then from that point forward, using the onboard sensors, the Avidbots AI Platform determines the best path to maximize cleaning productivity.

Neo is unmatched in obstacle avoidance – thanks to the power of the Avidbots AI Platform and is able to avoid anyone or anything by using a variety of sensors, the Avidbots AI Platform consistently evaluates the data being collected to ensure Neo avoids any object. If an unexpected object does happen to get in the way of Neo then it’s not a problem as Neo will stop and take a minute to determine the safest path forward/around.

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