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HDC20 - Bulk Cleaning Chemical for Scrubber Dryers

Industrial Strength Concentrate - effectivley dilutes at 80:1 to just 4ppl cost in use.

UK WIDE IBC & Pallet DELIVERIES inc Highlands & Ireland 


Our Specially formulated Scrubber Dryer chemical has been designed for use with industrial Scrubber Dryers.  This heavy-duty de-greaser tackles grease, oil, coolant and general dirt and grime, whilst leaving your floor with an anti-slip surface.

Supplied in concentrate form to take up minimum storage, we offer a choice of 25L tubs which are ideal for pedestrian Scrubber Dryers or 205L drums for Ride-On Scrubber Dryers.  HDC20 is diluted with water at 80/1 ratio so you get the best value cleaning chemical possible.

With a formula which is kind to the internal parts of your Scrubber Dryer, HDC20 is the perfect solution for truly industrial cleaning:

  • Buy in concentrate - takes up less storage space and lasts longer
  • 205L Barrel makes 16,400L of HDC20 - dilutes 80 parts water to 1 part concentrate
  • Alkaline formula is kind to your machine - won’t corrode or damage internal seals and brass parts
  • Tough de-greaser - removes oil, coolant, dirt & grime from floors
  • Refills average Ride-On machine 65 times
  • Leaves floors clean, dry and with slip-free finish - safer for your staff and visitors


Beta Hdc20


For Maximum Efficiency, Try our Speedfill or Profill Systems

Filling the solution tank of your Scrubber Dryer can be a time-consuming process.  To reduce this and ensure your chemical is mixed to the exact same strength each time, without being handled by your Operators - we offer two speedy filling systems.

The Speedfill 200 for Ride-On Scrubber Dryers mixes your chemical to the same dilution level every time. No more waste, no more spills, just the exact same dilution level each and every time. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution - you can adjust the dilution level for your specific needs.

For Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers, the Profill system uses the smaller 25L containers of HDC20 concentrate to ensure efficient and safe refilling of your machine.


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