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What Industrial Cleaning Equipment Does Your Business Need?

industrial floor cleaning machine

Factories and warehouses are well-known for being heavily-trafficked working environments – and with that, comes unwanted mess and dirt. To keep your business operating at full efficiency and reduce any potential downtime costs, you need to keep it clean. 

So, you’ll need to invest in a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment to stay on top of it regularly and produce amazing results. But what kind of equipment do you need? Well, many surfaces need to be addressed to ensure that all risks and hazards are minimised and your team is completely safe at all times. 

From industrial floor cleaning machines to pressure washers, this post will outline the various pieces of equipment that would prove a worthy investment for your business. Plus, we’ll highlight the many benefits that keeping workspaces as clean as possible can present for your overall operations.


We’ll cover:


The Different Types of Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

37 percent of all work-related injuries are slips, trips and falls. This figure is already high, so why put your team members at further risk by not regularly cleaning the floors? After all, within various industries, there is a wide range of incidents that can lead to dirty floors and operational debris being left behind. 

Industrial floor cleaning machines are the perfect solution to rival dirty floors in warehouses and factories. Whether it’s dust or operational debris, you’ll have no problem fighting through whatever’s in front of it with one of these machines. They’re heavy-duty, built to last and can be relied upon to produce the perfect results – first time, every time. 

There are two main types of industrial floor cleaning machines – scrubber dryers and floor sweepers. Both types have different functionalities but are heavy-duty cleaners that are guaranteed to keep your floor clean and your workforce safe. 


industrial cleaning equipment


Scrubber dryers wet, scrub and dry all in one motion. They’re suitable for a wide range of industrial settings and are proven to eliminate the thickest of grime. Not only is keeping your workplace clean vital, but completing it in the shortest possible time is ideal too. By drying the floor after cleaning, scrubber dryers are a great way for businesses to streamline processes and reduce any downtime. 

Floor sweepers don’t let anything stand in their way – they’re perfect for pushing or riding around the workplace at the end of the day to ensure that any dust or debris is picked up. They come in a wide range of sizes too and are designed to fit into the most intricate gaps for maximum cleanliness. 


Pressure Washers

A pressure washer may be required to get into those places that are hard to clean. An industrial pressure washer fires hot or cold water at an area and dislodges any dirt or grime that may be on the surface. Once dislodged, it’ll then need cleaning up from the surrounding area and will need time to dry to rule out the chance of slipping. 

Pressure washers are great for those really dirty jobs where normal water pressure doesn’t cut the cloth. Plus, they can be used on a variety of different surfaces. For example, if your warehouse vehicles need cleaning, a pressure washer will remove any dirt in no time. You then need to dry them off and buff them up to restore their brand new appearance. 


What are the Benefits of Keeping Your Workplace Clean?

Improved Safety

Nobody wants to go into work every day and fear for their wellbeing at all times, do they? Well, if there’s debris littered around the site and spillages left uncleaned, the risks of a workplace hazard are maximised. Warehouses and factories are hazardous environments anyway, without adding the risk of avoidable mess to the equation. 

As an employer, your employees’ safety should be your number one priority. Nobody deserves to have their health disregarded just because cleaning your workplace can be a laborious and tedious task. If team members are involved in an accident that could’ve easily been avoided by regularly cleaning your site, your business will feel the full force of it – both physically and financially. 


industrial cleaning equipment safety


If you’re being seen to take every measure possible to secure the safety of your workforce, the team will respect that immensely. Not only is it a way of showing that you care about their health but as an employer, you recognise their needs and demands. This respect has a ripple effect through the business and can lead to workers wanting to give back to the company as much as possible. 

Therefore, operational safety is heightened but so are productivity and morale levels too. Think about it, if a worker can get on with their job without worrying they’re going to be in an accident around every corner, they’re going to work a lot more productively and efficiently. 


Reduced Downtime

Downtime… the dreaded words that no business owner wants to hear. Why? Well, if your business is experiencing partial or complete downtime, it won’t operate at peak efficiency and productivity and profitability will plummet – which obviously isn’t music to the ears of the owner and shareholders. 

Keeping your workplace clean is imperative to reducing downtime. If it’s dirty, there’s more chance of an accident happening that’ll bring a halt to all operations and put your workforce in danger too. Depending on the scale of the accident, it could mean that your business is out of action or not firing on all cylinders for a lengthy period. 

In industries where time is money, downtime is a huge thorn in business’ sides. It doesn’t happen as a result of just accidents either, contamination of goods from a dirty workplace can lead to it as well. If you’re experiencing downtime, you’re going to have to delay orders and may exceed tight deadlines. Customers won’t be best pleased with this and you may start to gain an unfavourable reputation as a result of it. 


Improved Efficiency

If you’re increasing safety and reducing downtime, naturally business efficiency levels will rise. Companies are always looking to operate in the most efficient ways possible and it’s crucial to overall success. Reduced downtime means that your business can operate uninterruptedly for longer, which maximises output and productivity. 


industrial cleaning equipment improved efficiency


If your workforce is working hard at a high rate for a long period, your efficiency is only going to go one way – UP! By keeping your workplace clean, you’re allowing your team the chance to work in the best possible environment without anything to hamper them. 

Keeping your workplace clean is a way of ensuring that your standards are set high throughout the business. If you’re chasing very high standards in your customer-facing outlets, your background environments can’t let you down. If standards are met throughout the business, your efficiency will be automatically dragged up with them. 


Choose the Right Equipment to Keep Your Workplace Clean

So, now you’ve seen what equipment you need to invest in and the benefits that they’ll bring to your company, it’s time to get the wheels in motion. Industrially cleaning your floor is one of the most put-off tasks within the industry, as it’s often thought of as tedious and unnecessary. However, this viewpoint couldn’t be any more further afield.

Ensuring that your floor is spotless is business-critical and plays a huge part in keeping your workplace safe – but you need to find the right machine for your industrial setting. But where do you start? Do you need a scrubber dryer or floor sweeper? Ride-on or walk-behind? Don’t panic, it’s natural to feel like you don’t know where to begin when choosing. 

Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. We’ve created a free guide that outlines everything you need to know about industrial floor cleaners and which one is best suited for your business. Grab your copy today.