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Industrial Scrubber Dryer: Level Up Your Floor Care


Industrial Scrubber Dryer: Level up Your Floor Care 

It’s perfectly understandable that in a busy operation the cleanliness of the floors does not top the list of priorities. We get that your priority is making sure that the day to day stuff is taken care of and quite rightly so. How nice would it be to find a one-stop-shop supplier (try saying that after a few shandies) that could take the hassle of floor care away? An industrial scrubber dryer is the answer. 


Enter Beta Solutions 

Or more specifically the Factory Cat Industrial Scrubber Dryer range of machines. With a staggering variety of options and specifications you would be hard pressed to find an environment that one of these industrial cleaning machines does not thrive in. Built in Chicago these heavy-duty machines are designed to deliver the best results in the business every time. Check out some of the options available below.


Factory Cat Micro-HD Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer

Walk-behind scrubber dryers are ideal for use on smaller sites. The Micro  HD is one of our most popular models and it’s easy to see why! Do not let the name fool you, the only thing Micro about this industrial scrubber dryer is the amount of time it takes to tear through dirt.

This machine will not let you down. It’s proven to cut through the deepest of grime, so you needn’t worry about even the most neglected of floors, it’ll have them looking brand new in no time. You don’t even need to sweep round beforehand! The cylindrical brushes will collect debris and store it until you’re ready to clean down the machine. 

pedestrian scrubber dryer



Factory Cat XR-40  Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

The Factory Cat XR-40 is the perfect ride-on scrubber dryer for a larger facility. Say goodbye to time consuming laborious cleaning operations and hello to comfortably tackling problem areas with efficiency and power. The XR-40 is durable, heavy-duty and a favourite amongst warehousing customers (possibly down to the cup holder). You can rely on this machine time and time again. 

Extremely user-friendly this industrial scrubber dryer gives you peace of mind that the floors are taken care of. 


Ride-on Scrubber Dryer




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