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Beta Solutions is an approved supplier for market-leading brands including Nilfisk, Factory Cat & Dulevo. 

This enables us to offer cleaning machines for a wide array of industries, from scrubber dryers to sweepers and industrial vacuums to pressure washers. 

Each brand has it’s own area of expertise and unique features and benefits - by combining our offering across these brands, we can offer a solution for anyone.


Nilfisk Logo

 You can trust Nilfisk to design and develop machines with excellent cleaning results, ease of use, maximum lifespan and low maintenance and service costs.

The exclusive Nilfisk ‘tool-free’ system allows the operator to check or change the brushes and decks quickly and easily, thus keeping downtime to a minimum and saving money. These machines are designed to be easy to maintain, all the main parts can be accessed quickly and directly.


Factory Cat Logo

 For heavy duty, high usage industrial applications you need Factory Cat. Factory Cat offers the best quality and the longest warranty in the industry. We choose to offer Factory Cat machines because like our customers', we want the best!

At Beta Solutions we think that seeing is believing…  

Factory Cat provides the toughest industrial cleaning machines, with a 3-year warranty as standard across the entire range. A huge range of options means you can tailor your machine to suit your exact needs.


Dulevo Logo

For those demanding sweeping tasks, we supply a wide range of Dulevo Industrial Sweepers. Their successful history of industrial road sweeper manufacture has been incorporated into their range of Industrial Ride on Sweepers. We can supply and service a wide variety of machines available with battery, petrol, LPG and diesel.

The patented GORE filter is guaranteed for 5 years. Dust cannot stick to the GORE filter which means that it never becomes clogged or blocked with dust. When servicing the machine, the filter will never need removing. 






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