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The World’s most advanced Robotic Floor Scrubber Dryer

Neo 2 by Avidbots is a fully autonomous Robotic Floor Scrubber Dryer, ideally suited for a wide range of industrial and commercial environments.

Neo takes care of the floors allowing your workforce to focus on more value-adding tasks. If you want to get more information or a quote on Neo 2.0 click here.

The future of autonomous floor cleaning

Powered by the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo 2 is the latest generation robotic floor cleaning platform and is the new industry standard in automated floor cleaning. Neo 2 has been engineered to be the highest in quality, with superior technology and software, reliability and serviceability.

Neo 2 automates the floor cleaning process lowering your labour costs, increasing your productivity and delivering clean, dry, streak-free floors throughout your facility. Neo 2 lets your employees focus their time on higher-value tasks.


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